Agriculture Minister Inspects Cultivation of Wheat Crop in White Nile Schemes

Agriculture Minister Inspects Cultivation of Wheat Crop in White Nile Schemes

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Khartoum- Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Ibrahim Adam Al-Dikhairi has affirmed that two-thirds of the total financing allocated for wheat crop will go to the White

Nile schemes, noting that a sum of 22 billion pounds is allocated for wheat cultivation this season.
The Minister stressed that application of technologies increases the productivity of the crop, which is expected to reach 2.5 tons a feddan.
This came when the Minister inspected progress of the cultivation of wheat crop at the schemes south of Al Douim town, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture of White Nile State Dr. Mohamed Abdallah, the Commissioner of Al Douim Locality, the Director of the Agricultural Bank and experts and researchers concerned with the crop.
Prof. Al Dikhairi reiterated commitment of his ministry to the rehabilitation of the White Nile agricultural schemes and introduction of electric power to them.
The Minister of Agriculture of the White Nile State, on his part, called on the Agricultural Bank to facilitate the procedures of funding as he also urged determining the stabilization price for the wheat crop.
Meanwhile, the workshop of South-South Cooperation on supporting the private sector and development priorities under the partnership between the public and private sector and boosting food security concluded session at the Grand Holiday Villa in Khartoum.
The workshop has been organized in collaboration with the UN and IFAD and the concerned organizations and attended by scientists, experts and producers.
The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Prof. Ibrahim Adam Al Dikhairi, lauded in his address to the workshop the role of the private sector and the organizations operating in the field of agricultural development, pointing out that new units concerned with the partnerships with the private sector are to be established at the concerned ministries.
Director of Water Harvest Center at the Agricultural Research Corporation Prof. Mekki Abdellatif said the workshop came in the context of exchange of information and expertise in the field of agricultural development to boost the work of the agricultural sector.

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