Al Bashir Hands over Al-Sisi Message on Busted Egyptian Military Machines

Al Bashir Hands over Al-Sisi Message on Busted Egyptian Military Machines

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Khartoum – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour said the Sudanese-Egyptian borders extend to over 1200 kilometers and around 700 kilometers of marineborders, noting that Sudan has succeeded in forming joint forces for protecting the borders of Sudan and Chad.
He affirmed, in a press conference at the venue of the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry yesterday, that the  joint mechanism of coordination will assist in securing borders between Cairo and Khartoum, noting that visa was imposed on the Egyptians in the aftermath of the media promotion that Khartoum harbors terrorists.
Ghandour called on the media not to spoil relations between Egypt and Sudan adding that “I call upon the media in Egypt and Sudan to be the messengers of the good for this relation and the soldiers of the good relation because the media shapes the public opinion.
He pointed out that relations between leaders of the countries may go through a cool time (strain) but it will clear up but relations between peoples will last and the relation between peoples is made by the media and we must not spoil relations between our peoples “I Don’t fear differences between the two governments but I fear differences between the two peoples:” he commented.
He added that Al Bashir and Al-Sisi have met eighteen times and this has never before happened and it proves the deep-rooted relations between the two countries.
He further affirmed that cooperation on the issue of combating terrorism  is important calling for strengthening mechanisms of cooperation in all spheres noting that a session of talks based on frankness is ongoing with Shukri and the Sudanese President.
He went on to say that Al Bashir has sent a message to President Abdulfatah Al-Sisi on the information owned by Khartoum, noting that President Al-Sisi has directed activation of communications at the security and military  levels and discussion of all spheres of coordination at the bilateral , regional and international levels.
The Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister has affirmed that the policy of Egypt is based on construction, wellbeing and fraternity and it is not in the interest of Egypt to do any action of adverse effect on Sudan.

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