National Sovereignty is Fundamental Principle: Presidential Assistant

National Sovereignty is Fundamental Principle: Presidential Assistant

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Khartoum- Presidential Assistant, Engineer Ibrahim Hamid Mahmoud confirmed Sudan’s refusal to SPLM-N calls for entering humanitarian aid through the neighboring countries,

stressing that national sovereignty is a fundamental principle that cannot be waived in any case, accusing the movement of trading in the suffering of citizens of the two areas, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile and their escape from acceptance of the US proposal for the transfer of aid as a compromise.
Mahmoud said that the SPLM-N position shows that they do not want peace but seek to achieve their own interests using humanitarian work as an excuse for that, warning that international humanitarian law gives any state the right and responsibility in distribution of humanitarian aid to the needy within the country.
During an open meeting here yesterday with representatives of the Sudanese communities abroad, Mahmoud pointed out that peace in Sudan is closer than ever, and that the war ended effectively in Darfur and the two areas.
He said that the participation of the rebel movements in the war in the state of Libya and South Sudan does not have any moral or national justification, and that the population in Darfur and the two areas rejecting the war and the behavior of insurgent groups, saying that the said movement in real trouble after the disastrous massacre in Al-Hujairat area.
Mahmoud pointed out that the national dialogue is the most important defense line to face the external and internal challenges and is the biggest political program to determine the vision in how to achieve strategic interests in Sudan, calling on those who refuse the dialogue to agree on these interests, reassuring all the Sudanese that their rights are equal and reserved.
He affirmed that the people of Sudan will not accept from now on to access to power through gun, warning that the government does not depend on zero theory and cancel others, but all constitutional rights are reserved for all, noting that the next constitution will not be adopted but only by an elected parliament in 2020, calling for all to support the national document of the dialogue and bring about the desired democratic transformation.
He pointed out that the unjust economic embargo on Sudan was in the context of a thoughtful program to destroy Sudan and exploit its enormous economic resources, adding that the interests of the Western countries are in the stability of Sudan, where it is chance for Sudan to take into account the interests of their homeland and their people, adding that the expatriates are part of this program, where they had the opportunity to acquire experience that made them an important human resource for the country.
For their part, participants praised the government’s position of refusing to compromise on national sovereignty in the case of humanitarian aid, demanding the government to take care of the issues and concerns of the Sudanese expatriates abroad.
It is to be noted that the conference concluded its 2-day sessions and handed over the final recommendations besides electing the executive committee for the new round which will last for three years under the chairmanship of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Bahari.

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