Sudanese Journalists Union Celebrates International Women’s Day

Sudanese Journalists Union Celebrates International Women’s Day

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The Sudanese Journalists Union SJU celebrated yesterday the International Women’s Day. Theme is “Women in the Sudanese History”. The event is organized as

partnership between the SJU, UNSECO, Khartoum Office, and the Sudanese National Commission for UNSECO, in collaboration with the National Corporation for Archeology and Museums.
Zeinab Ahmed Al-Tayeb, a parliament member, women secretariat at the National Congress congratulated women all over the world. She appreciated the women role the in ancient history and the current high level jobs in Sudan. She added that Archeology is a memory of the Nation. The choosing of the theme of Women in the Sudanese History reflects this great role of women.
Hadia Ali, Women Secretariat at the JSU said this celebration with the international Women Day is considered as honoring for all women all over the world .She explained that women in the Sudanese is an important topic and the JSU believes that women have doing lots in the ancient history and it high time to recognize their vital distinctive role in the society . She extended her deep thanks and congratulations to all Sudanese women in their different Unions, societies and Associations.
Salah Omer Al-Sheikh the Secretary General of the SJU addressed the celebration highlighted the role of women in the Sudanese history , assured that women secretariat at JSU is one the most active ones pointed to that more than 50% are female journalists  working in the different mass media in Sudan .
Dr. Pavel, UNSECO , Khartoum office congratulated Sudanese women on their day. He said that UNSECO will urge journalists to dig down in the history through their writings, pointed to the important of the Nubian Civilization and Kushite culture which is preceded the Egyptian one. He believes in the richness of the Sudanese history and heritage. He appreciated the UNSECO partnership with the JSU represented in the recent training workshop held at the JSU  targeted female Journalists on Occupational safety of female journalists , as part of series of similar traing workshops outside Khartoum at the different states of Sudan, aiming to empower women in the mass media .
8th March is the international women’s day where women all over the whole world celebrate.

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