Vice President takes part in mini-summit on Libya

Vice President takes part in mini-summit on Libya

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SUNA- The Vice President of the Republic, Hassabou Mohamed Abdul Rahman, represented the Sudan in the mini summit conference on Libya, held on the margin of the current African union summit meeting, to review the situation in Libya.
The African union had earlier delegated ten states to discuss how peace could be brought to Libya.
The ten countries held their first mini summit in Addis Ababa and formed a committee to be headed by President Sasou Nguissou of Congo Brazzaville on achieving peace and stability in Libya.
The mini-summit was held in the Congo Brazzaville capital of Kinshasa.
The African union summit meeting has meanwhile gone ahead with the opening session being headed by President Alpha Konte of Guinea, the current chair of the African union.
Foreign Minister Professor Ibrahim Ghandour told the Sudan news Agency SUNA that the meeting listened a report by the incumbent chair, on the efforts exerted by so many stakeholders and African leaders with all the Libyan parties with the aim of achieve peace during the past period.
The meeting also listed to a report by the chair of the mini summit on the contacts and efforts exerted with all parties in Libya and with neighboring countries to achieve peace there
The offshoot committee include countries neighboring Libya, namely
Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Chad, Niger, Algeria, Mauritania as well as South Africa, Congo Brazzaville and Ethiopia.

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