Beladi-FM 96.6

Independent, National, Comprehensive Radio, located in Khartoum. Focusing on news and political programs with special concern to the various programs to the audiences.

The service covers the Capital-Khartoum and all Sudanese cities and states through different radio-waves, internet and satellite broadcasting. beladi starts its broadcasting on January 2017.

Beladi-Radio has its influence on the public-media scene in Sudan by enforcing the national values, by its excellent performance and presentation of the natural word and concept. Plus, working on abiding the ambiguity between the national steady values and political propaganda in media. Beladi radio tries to answer the issues about the accumulated human history and civilization as to reach the community of knowledge and culture through a new radio style based on calling to good and beauty and back to dignity, clarity and conscience.

- Vision & Mission

Building a national and patriotic media that is professional, purposeful and multi-media one.

Media that cares about our country people and builds hope.
Mission :Fortification of the national code of ethics proving the Sudanese nobility.

- References

The national constitution. Code of Sudanese ethics and its positive components.

International agreements with confidentiality code of media professional ethics. The national lows and intellectual property rights.


Programs content

  • Focusing on the national dissertation and all that enforces the national ethics comprehensively.
  • On –going live coverage of hot issues and events with transparency.
  • Strengthening, the cultural, religious and social positive inheritents.
  • Paying attention to the population groups with special components by designing serious and oriented programs that strengthen the patriotic ties.
  • Showing the patriotic, social and human roles for Sudanese pioneers as individual and cooperation.
  • Supporting the infrastructure in national-media sector.
  • Focusing on news with different by bulletins, briefs and backed by correspondent’s net working in states, towns and country sides.
  • Having spaces for live and interactive programs about the social issues.

- Address

Sudan-Khartoum-amarat-29th St-West Saudi-Embassy.

Tel: (+249183-47067) – (+249183-470678)

Hot line: (9606)