Al Bashir: National Accord Government Will Be Announced Next Week

Al Bashir: National Accord Government Will Be Announced Next Week

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Khartoum — The government of national accord will be announced next week, President Al Bashir has announced.  President Al Bashir, the Chairman of the Ruling NationalCongress Party (NCP) announced that the government of national accord would be announced next week with the main priority to improve people’s livelihoods in line with the national reform programme to arrive at a comprehensive renaissance and sustainable political stability in the country.
Addressing the NCP’s 4th convention, Al Bashir called upon the leaders of the party and other political figures to participate in the national dialogue in support of the upcoming national consensus government.
He demanded political parties benefit from Sudan’s positive and calculated opening up the outside world, especially with its regional and international surrounding and developing relations with Europe and the United States of America in the service of mutual strategic interests with all parties.
Al Bashir reiterated that peace remains his government’s strategic choice: “Our hands will remain stretched out to all partners in the national concern to build an all-inclusive, peculiar Sudanese experiment including the opposition and partisan groups in the country,” Al Bashir said.
He further renewed his appeal to the dialogue hold-outs to reverse their stance and join efforts to achieve national consensus and satisfaction, establish the rule of law, political freedom, freedoms and rights, set up transparency standards to arrive at aspired justice.
Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi, the leader of Tunisian Ennahda Party, while addressing the opening session, linked the national dialogue in Sudan to the national agreement in Tunisia, hoping that the conversation will place Sudan on the right track to constructive national renaissance to achieve the slogan of the convention “Toward a Productive Nation” to tap Sudan’s huge national resources in favor of the country, Arab and African nations.
Earlier last Wednesday, Sudanese Presidential Assistant Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid also affirmed the government of national concord would be announced next week, however, he indicated that two political hadn’t yet handed over lists of their candidates.
Hamid told reporters in Khartoum that the number of ministries in the upcoming government will not exceed 31, pointing the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) would give up a number of his ministries to the political parties participating in the national dialogue.
He stressed the current presidency, parliament speaker and states’ governors wouldn’t be impacted by the formation of the new government, denying that additional presidential advisors’ posts would be created.
The presidential aide underscored the regional and international community support the national dialogue, saying there is no moral justification for taking up arms.
Hamid added that those who are hesitant to join the dialogue because they think their participation wouldn’t be effective should be assured that the government seeks to build a strong state and achieve political and security stability.

Peace talks

Commenting on the peace talks, Hamid said there is no justification to not sign a peace deal in Darfur region, the South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.
He stressed the international community would stand against the chairman of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-AW) Abdul-Wahid Al-Nur if he refused to sign the peace agreement.
Hamid described the demand of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/North (SPLM-N) to delay peace talks on the Two Areas as “flimsy excuse”, saying the rebel movement’s demand has everything to do with the deadline to lift the U.S. sanctions on Sudan.
“If the SPLM-N calls to not lift the sanctions on Sudan, it will be a shameful stance because the burden of these sanctions falls on the Sudanese people,” he added, saying that Washington didn’t buy the SPLM-N’s reason to delay the peace talks for two months.
In his speech to the opening session of the party’s convention, Hamid commended efforts by the African Union High Implementation Panel (AUHIP) led by Thabo Mbeki to bring about peace and stability in Sudan. He slammed some opponents to peace for calling for not lifting sanctions on Sudan, a reference to Sudan’s People’s Liberation Movement – north (SPLM-N) demand, a call he branded as “disgraceful”.
Worth noting that the NCP 4th convention has drawn a remarkable participation  by quest from sisters countries like Tunisia, Turkey and Chad, as well as media representatives from the United State of America.

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