Al Bashir Starts Official Visit to Kuwait

Al Bashir Starts Official Visit to Kuwait

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Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir is to start today “Tuesday” an official and important two-day-visit to the State of Kuwait in response to an

invitation by Kuwaiti Prince Sabah Al Ahmed Jabir Al-Sabah.
A summit will be held at the Kuwaiti capital between Al Bashir and the Emir of Kuwait along with bilateral joint meetings in the presence of the Ministers from the two sides to review the progress of relations between the two countries.
The President is accompanied during the visit by the Minister of the Presidency of the Republic Dr. Fadul Abdallah Fadul , Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour the Minister of Foreign Affairs , Badr Al Din Mahmoud the Minister of Finance & Economic planning, Mutaz Musa , the Minister of Water Resources and Electricity and dams.
Observers believe that the visit is important at the time when Sudan is seeing an economic recovery in the aftermath of the partial lifting of the sanctions imposed that, noting the state has contributed significantly ?in developmental and services projects in east Sudan following the signing of the peace agreement of eastern Sudan.
It has also contributed in the construction of dams; top of which, Merowe Dam, Atbara river upstream dam, Setit and the heightening of Roseiris dam.
It is to be noted that Kuwait ranks in term of investments number three after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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