Al-Jizouli: Sudan Hosts 1.5 Million Refugees

Al-Jizouli: Sudan Hosts 1.5 Million Refugees

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Khartoum – The Commissioner for Refugees, Hamad Al-Jizouli, has disclosed substitutes to the conventional solutions to issues of refugees in Sudan, who numbers more than

1.5 million from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, Central Africa Republic, Syria and Yemen.
Speaking over a program of the Blue Nile TV Channel, the Commissioner has said Sudan faces challenges in housing the refugees in camps and providing the necessary services for them through coordination with the UNHCR and the organizations operating in this field.
He affirmed that Sudan is exerting efforts with these bodies to find substitutes for the conventional solutions which include the voluntary return, integration in the local community or the resettlement in a third country, explaining that the non conventional solutions are represented in finding income generating projects that enable the refugees to depend on themselves instead of waiting for aid.
Al Jizouli pointed out that there are no budgets for the refugees who are outside the camps a matter that poses an additional burden on the local populations, saying that the organizations operating in the refugee-affected areas extend services in the field of health and education, citing in this connection the refugees in eastern Sudan who have been staying there for more than four decades.
On the refugees from South Sudan, the Commissioner said the Sudanese borders with South Sudan witness daily big flows of them, noting that their number has exceeded 150000 refugees in White Nile State since 2014, 105,000 of them are housed in camps, noting that steps have been accelerated for establishment of new camps for the new flows in the states of East Darfur, West Kordofan and South Kordofan.
Regarding the voluntary return of the Sudanese refugees, the Commissioner said practical steps have already started for the return of the refugees from Chad, who number 300000, 60000 of them have already returned to North Darfur State and 20000 to West Darfur State, adding that a delegation of the commission would visit Ndjamena to get acquainted with the progress of the tripartite agreement by Sudan, Chad and the UNHCR in this connection.
On human trafficking phenomenon, the Commissioner pointed out that the Sudan is a country of transition, but despite this the government is very keen on combating the phenomenon, referring to the measures the state have taken in this regard including issuance of the Human Trafficking Combating Act, amendment of the Refuge Act and setting up of a higher council for migration, which is chaired by the Vice President.
The Commissioner of Refugees described the agreements with the UN agencies and NGOs as satisfactory, noting that the level of commitment to these agreements has surpassed 80%.

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