Bakri: We Seek to Write Down the New History of Sudan

Bakri: We Seek to Write Down the New History of Sudan

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Khartoum – (Haffiya Elyas) First Vice President of the Republic, and National Prime Minister, First Lt. General Bakri Hassan Saleh has affirmed the Presidency of the Republic’s

sponsorship of students’ innovations and the talented students. He stressed that students are the future of the Sudan and their country is expecting all the best from them and we will see the writing down a new history for Sudan
He affirmed while addressing at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum the conclusion of the events of the fifth scientific m cultural and sports Universities tournament which was organized by the Ministry of Higher Education, that Sudan is approaching bright days via the consensus vision outlined by the national dialogue.
Bakri has hailed the tournament saying that it works towards bringing together the sons of Sudan from all of its territories for creating a cohesive community and they at the Presidency are looking at this tournament with satisfaction and they will work towards doubling support because the state is working towards creating a well off community.
He went on to say that the state will save no effort in providing the aids for scientific research in high education institutions.
Minister of High Education and Scientific Dr. Sumeiya Abdallah Abu Kashawa has hailed the efforts presented by the students in this tournament of scientific m cultural and sports creativity stressing that the tournament has worked towards highlighting these talents demanding the Presidency of the Republic to sponsor talents so that the state may benefit from their scientific production and the creative mentality.

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