Haroun: Experimental Pumping of Al Obeid Water Starts

Haroun: Experimental Pumping of Al Obeid Water Starts

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Khartoum-  sudan vision – Governor of North Kordofan State Ahmed Haroun has announced start of experimental pumping of water for Al Obeid town from the new purification station, as

the construction of water pipelines leading to the internal network in the town has been completed.
Speaking over a program of Omdurman Radio Friday, the Governor disclosed that the stage of water use in Al Obeid water project would start within days.
He expressed satisfaction over completion of operating all systems concerning the southern sources of water, affirming keenness on increasing these sources.
Haroun expressed appreciations to the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity and Dams Implementation Unit contributing to bridging water gap in North Kordofan State, reviewing the efforts of the government of the state in implementing development and service projects, especially water.

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