Lt. Gen. Bakri Affirms Sudan Readiness for Cooperation with Lesotho for Realizing Joint Interests

Lt. Gen. Bakri Affirms Sudan Readiness for Cooperation with Lesotho for Realizing Joint Interests

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The First Vice – President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has affirmed the full readiness of Sudan to cooperate with the Kingdom of Lesotho for realizing the joint interests and to consolidate the bilateral relations with the consideration that Sudan and Lesotho are peoples with similar ethnics and joint struggle.
In his address at the session of joint talks between the two sides Sunday at the Republican Palace, the First Vice – President hoped that the memo of understanding establishing the joint political consultation committee, which will be signed, will mark the start for strong relations and cooperation between the two countries.
He said that the political, social and economic imbalances suffered by Africa necessitate great work emanating from the fact that Africa is the land of opportunities.
He appreciated the progress taking place in the Kingdom of Lesotho, especially regarding the increase of production in the mining sector, a matter which represent an aspect of integration with Sudan which is witnessing increase in the revenues from the mining sector.
Lt. Gen. Salih stated that the exchange of experiences at the mining field is suitable for cementing the economic relations between Sudan and Lesotho.

He pointed out that the commitment to decisions of the African Union provides wide area for joint diplomatic cooperation between the two countries at the international forums, especially under increase in importance of the African groupings and the African partnerships with the European Union countries and China, India and Japan.
He affirmed that the visit of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Dr. Dr. Thomas Motsoahae, to Sudan assures that the people of Africa are moving in the right track for bolstering the relations for the interest of their countries and continent.
The First Vice – President and National Prime Minister asserted that Sudan will stand alongside its brothers in Lesotho and will provide them with education opportunities, training and investment and will keep wide its door for more people’s and official communication between Sudan and the sister Kingdom of Lesotho.
He said that the national dialogue in Sudan has represented an important step in the national progress since independence of the country, hoping that Africa will absorb this accomplishment toward pressing ahead in the solidarity path.

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