Mahmoud: Our goal is to achieve accord and national consensus

Mahmoud: Our goal is to achieve accord and national consensus

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The Assistant of the President of the Republic and Deputy Chairman of National Congress Party(NCP), Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud said the NCP objective for the coming stage is to achieve further accord and national consensus among the all Sudanese political forces.

Amidst call of many political forces for secularization of the state and separation of religion from the state . NCP emerged as a civil party with Islamic reference works for dispense of justice and protection of the religion and lives.

This came while he was addressing meeting of the Shura Council of NCP in Khartoum State , Saturday at Martyr Al-Zubair Conference Hall in Khartoum.

He said rebellion in Darfur and Blue Nile States have abated and the huge receptions f or President of the Republic in Darfur and the firearms collection campaign was clear evident that the tiny group remained holding guns has no chance except maneuvering over delivery of humanitarian assistance to our people in the Two Areas.

Engineer Mahmoud indicated to achievements made by his party in areas of roads, bridges, education, health and water , hailing accomplishments made by NCP In Khartoum State in provision of all services to citizens amid rapid population growth and frequent migration to the capital, stressing that NCP is a party of all .

It is worth mentioning that Shura Council of NCP in Khartoum State will discuss reports on legislative, executive and political performance of the party and performance of Khartoum State government as well.

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