National Assembly briefed on government performance

National Assembly briefed on government performance

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The First Vice President and National Prime Minister, lt Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, on Monday briefed the National legislature on the government performance.
The session which was chaired by the Speaker of the Parliament, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, was provided withy details about the outcome of the National Dialogue, considered the main pillar for the National Accord Government and also about efforts undertaken to go through all school and preschool syllabus.
Gen Bakri pointed out that the government worked to revise and go through all government bodies’ performance, commending and praising the patience and tolerance of the Sudanese people before the various challenges met.
He further congratulated the people on the revocation of the economic sanctions, saying a brighter future awaits the Sudan. He commended the states that contributed to the efforts on lifting the sanctions.
The First Vice President has renewed the commitment of the council of minister to fully implement the outcome of the National Dialogue according to the matrixes approved.
He touched on the steps taken so far by the government in this regards including the full freedoms that have been provided in accordance with the laws that will be approved by the legislature and ratified by the government, providing for full press freedoms. He stressed that there is no detained journalist in the Sudan.
He said the government is committed to develop the media and the TV and to see to it that the media and press in the country are free and have the initiative in their hands.
The National Prime Minister said the campaign to collect unsilenced fire arms would continue in the various regions of the country and that there would be no arms in the hands of anybody save the regular forces.
He said the implementation of the current campaign has led to the reduction of armed robberies, looting and armed clashes in the areas where the campaign was implemented.
He said so far 30% of the recommendations made by the National Dialogue have been carried out.
Gen Bakri stressed that Sudan is committed to preserving the national and regional security.
The National Assembly, Parliament, will discuss the statement presented by the National Prime Minister during two sessions before submitting their response to it. The Prime Minister will respond to the queries and questions submitted by the MPs on Wednesday

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