Presidency Extends 10,000 Tons of Food Aid to S. Sudan

Presidency Extends 10,000 Tons of Food Aid to S. Sudan

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Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Ahmed Mohamed Adam has announced that President of the Republic Field

Marshal Omer Al Bashir directed, in the context of efforts aiming at alleviating the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan and contributing to meeting the acute shortage of food there, extending 10,000 tons of sorghum as a contribution from Sudan for supporting the affected people.
Adam affirmed that the aid comes as an addition to a previous support extended by the Presidency of more than 27000 bags of sorghum besides other efforts being exerted by the Sudanese government including opening passages for the delivery of humanitarian aid and receiving hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese refugees who crossed the borders into Sudan.
The Humanitarian Aid Commissioner added that the government also moved to mobilize the efforts of the Sudanese society with all its sectors to support the famine affected people in South Sudan through setting up of a national committee under the chairmanship of Field Marshal Abdulrahman Suwar Addahab in this connection.
The famine that hit parts of South Sudan has found great concern and top priority from the government of Sudan at its highest level and from all sectors of the Sudanese people in consideration to the strong historical relations with the people of South Sudan and the duties of fraternity and neighborliness.
Meanwhile, the Social Affairs and Economic Sectors of the National Congress Party (NCP) decided in an emergency joint meeting setting up of committees at the level of the center and states to mobilize extending aid to the refugees fleeing war and famine in South Sudan as well as delivery of humanitarian aid to the affected people inside the territories of South Sudan in response to the call for relief from the South Sudanese people.
Chairwoman of the Thought, Culture and Social Affairs Sector of the NCP Dr. Intisar Abu Najma, who chaired the meeting, said in a press statement that joint meeting of the two sectors aimed at following up the efforts being exerted by all bodies affiliated to the NCP to respond to call for relief by the people of South Sudan.

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