President Bashir receive a written message from Palestinian President Abu Mazin

President Bashir receive a written message from Palestinian President Abu Mazin

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The President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, received a written message from President Abu Mazin of Palestine dealing with the developments in Palestine, top of which the recent reconciliation agreement between FATA and HAMAS movements.
The President has renewed Sudan’s stable stands towards the Palestinian cause and said Sudan is a partner of the Palestinian people in their defense of their rights.
The President who received the Palestinian Presidential Envoy Azam Al Ahmed in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, welcomed the Palestinian agreement saying the accord was a victory of the Palestinian people and the Arab Nation.
The Palestinian envoy has meanwhile pointed out in press statements following the meeting that his president, Abu Mazin, was keen to brief the Sudanese leadership on the development in Palestine saying Khartoum was one of the first to move in and work for opening dialogue between HAMAS and FATA, for the sake of the Palestinian unity.
He said he also briefed the president about the struggle of the Palestinian people in East Al Aqsa and the menaces facing the Aqsa mosque as a result of the occupation activities in the west Bank.
He said the meeting also reviewed the efforts exerted at the international level for the revival of the peace process. He said so far what was going on was mere talk that does not go to the level of discussing ideas that match the international legitimacy resolutions that seek to end the occupation and establish an independent state in Palestine.

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