President Opens ‘Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies’ New Building

President Opens ‘Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies’ New Building

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President Omar Al Bashir opened Sunday evening the new premises of the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies at the outskirts of Soba in Khartoum.

The world-class building was designed and equipped with the latest technologies and includes a hostel, lecture halls, a mosque, a hotel, and sports fields.

The event was witnessed by a number of local dignitaries, foreign diplomats and visitors.

Speaking at the occasion, the president said, “The academy is considered one of the most important education institutions in the country, and has been providing a unique level of knowledge in strategic and security studies and continues to play a role in education and training students and researchers at all levels with a high professional standard.”

The President also announced he will support all National Intelligence and Security Systems (NISS) projects and programs that have a vision and deep understanding of how to use education to achieve and promote peace and security.

The president said, “In light of the evolution of security issues and defending the homeland and its citizens, an academy like this is what is needed.” The president also highlighted that Sudan is moving closer towards national reconciliation.

Higher Security Academy which was established by the Sudanese National Security Service in 2006 assumes an active role in training the senior executives and, at the same time, gives support to academic studies in the security field. It also ensures the participation of security perspectives in strategic thinking and planning processes that form public policies. Since then hundreds of students have graduated from the various programs.

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