Prospected Decisions on Roadmap between Khartoum and Washington

Prospected Decisions on Roadmap between Khartoum and Washington

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Khartoum -1st Lt General. Engineer Imad Al-Din Mustafa Adawi , the Chief of the Joint Staff has disclosed prospected decisions on the roadmap between Khartoum and

Washington next October.
He said in a press statement following his meeting yesterday with the General Commander of the American –African Command for Civil Military Affairs Engagement, Ambassador Alexander Laskaris who is currently visiting the country that the visit comes in the context of cooperation between the two countries and the two armies highlighting the exchanged visits between the two sides and it also comes in the framework of cooperation between Khartoum and Washington.
He added that the meeting has touched on the road map between Sudan and Washington which has gone along way and awaiting important decisions next October along with the regional and African issues particularly conditions in Libya as stability in Libya affects very much conditions in the African countries.
The Chief of staff has also elaborated that the meeting has touched on other issues top of which is combating terrorism and human trafficking operations in the region. He noted that the relations between the Armed Forces and the American forces were in previous periods very strong and advanced.
Adawi said Sudan received an invitation to participate in the bright stars war games which Sudan has previously hosted as observer and will take place in Egypt this year
For his par the General Commander of the American Command Ambassador Alexander Laskaris has expressed gratitude for hospitality and reception which shown in his first visit to Sudan he said his meeting has touched on Sudan American relations.
In a related development, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ibrahim Ghandour met Alexander Laskari Deputy Commander of AFRICOM Forces for Civil and Military engagement. During the Ghandour presented a briefing on conditions in the region and their reflections on Sudan. He highlighted Sudan’s role in realizing regional security and the efforts exerted on combating dangers of terrorism, human and drugs trafficking.

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