Sudan Asserts Commitment, Seriousness to Join WTO

Sudan Asserts Commitment, Seriousness to Join WTO

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The Sudan’s delegation participating in the 4 th session of negotiation for joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), has asserted the commitment and seriousness of the Sudan to join the organization via its adjustment to the trade and economic conditions with the requirements of the WTO. Referring to the great concern of the organizations member states to give Sudan full membership in the WTO to start progress in a new phase.
The Minister of Commerce, Hatim Al- Siir, noted in press statements, following his participation in the negotiations meetings in Geneva, indicated that t the meetings were positive and fruitful, expecting that Sudan would recently gain fruits of these efforts.
He added that joining of the WTO would provide Sudan with opportunities to benefit from the world’s modern technologies, the foreign modern investments in all fields that would enable it to increase production for exportation and the realization of the motto of the fifth year’s program (increase of production for exportation).
He said that the Sudan presentation has been appreciated by all the WTO member state a matter that would pave the way for the Sudan to be part of the world trade and economy, referring to the Sudan’s vast potential.
He lauds the Sudan’s permanent mission in Geneva lead by Dr. Moustafa Osman Ismail for the full support it provided to the Sudan’s delegation, hoping for completion of steps for joining the WTO.

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