Sudan and Egypt Reject Unacceptable Violations and Abuses to Either Country or People

Sudan and Egypt Reject Unacceptable Violations and Abuses to Either Country or People

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Khartoum – Sudanese and Egyptian foreign ministers agreed, yesterday, to hold a political consultation round in Khartoum on the level of foreign ministers in the first half of

next April in an attempt to contain silence crisis between the two countries that strengthening by the media.
The Sudanese and Egyptian foreign ministers, Ibrahim Ghandour and Sameh Shukri, confirmed, in a phone call yesterday, their total rejection of unacceptable violations or abuse of any of the two countries or peoples under any circumstances and for whatever reasons or justifications.
According to a joint statement issued by the two ministries, Ghandour and Shukri stressed the need to intensify dealing with the utmost wisdom with the attempts of excitement and irresponsible handling by some users of social media and the media, who aim at rupture and damage the relationship in a manner inconsistent with its strength and the interests of the people of the two countries.
The two ministers expressed their full appreciation for the culture, history and civilization of the two countries, and their belief that “the River Nile, which is the lifeblood of the Sudanese and Egyptian peoples, attested the brotherhood and common destiny throughout the ages, will be the source of good, growth, stability and development and will continue to serve the vital interests of the two brotherly countries.
The joint statement affirmed the two ministers’ commitment to the directives of the political leadership in the two countries to work continuously to strengthen cooperation, solidarity and joint coordination, and to move forward on the implementation of the cooperation programs that were approved during the meetings of the Supreme Presidential Committee headed by President Omer Al Bashir and Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi.

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