Sudan slams Egyptian media for ridiculing Meroe pyramids

Sudan slams Egyptian media for ridiculing Meroe pyramids

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Sudan has slammed Egypt’s media for “offending the Sudanese civilisation”, stressing that it will deal with the remarks with “all seriousness and resolve”.

Minister of Information, Ahmed Bilal Osman, said on Sunday that “some foreign media have deliberately denigrated Sudan’s civilisation in a direct insult to the people of Sudan, their values, and heritage”.

“In the past few days we have heard comments describing the Meroe pyramids in Begrawiya in unacceptable terms”, he added in a press conference.

Egyptian media outlets and social media groups have issued statements and remarks described by Sudanese officials as “insulting” following a visit by Qatar’s Sheikha Mouza bint Nasser al-Misnad, wife of the former Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, to the Meroe Pyramids in Begrawiya in northern Sudan.

Sheikha Mouza bint Nasser visited Sudan for three days last week during which she visited several archaeological sites and the Meroe pyramids.

Qatar has been funding a project to rehabilitate the pyramids of Sudan since 2013 as part of a joint action plan with Sudan and Germany to protect Sudanese artefacts at a cost of $135 million.

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