US Urges SPLM-North to Allow Humanitarian Assistance

US Urges SPLM-North to Allow Humanitarian Assistance

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Khartoum – The United States of America has warned that food insecurity is likely to occur within the next two months in SPLM-N

controlled areas unless the government of Sudan and the movement reach agreement to allow humanitarian access.
The Charge d’ Affaires of U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, Steven Koutsis, urged SPLM-North to allow passage of humanitarian assistance to the areas under its control.
Koutsis said in an article published by Sudan Tribune the civilians are in dire need to see food and other humanitarian supplies arriving in their areas very quickly.
He pointed out that the impasse is hurting the Sudanese people living in areas controlled by the SPLM-N, as well as blocking all of Sudan from moving forward with a peace and reconciliation plan sponsored by the African Union.
Koutsis reiterated readiness of the United States to begin delivering medical supplies and vaccinations to the people within SPLM-N controlled areas of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states. While the supplies would be inspected by Government of Sudan customs authorities at a port of entry, they would remain in the custody of United States at all times until delivered to the SPLM-N held areas, he said.
The Charge d’ Affaires urged the SPLM-N to remove political conditions preventing humanitarian assistance from reaching populations in need and allow rapid deployment of humanitarian aid to civilians in the areas it controls.
The US made earlier an initiative on humanitarian relief to the people in areas under control of SPLM-N. The Government of Sudan has agreed to this proposal, but as of yet, the SPLM-N has not allowed the proposal for humanitarian access to go forward.

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